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100M+ USA real estate data records - Robust secure adapters - crawlers - cleansers - National foreclosure coverage

Quality Data

Our team at SI specialises in all spectrums of data on which we have strict standards set in place to ensure the quality without compromising on the Turnaround Time in delivery.

Nationwide Coverage

With coverage of 3000 + counties spread across different property document types, our team is equipped to meet the specific data needs of our partners.

Easy to Use

Our services are designed to be comprehensive and dynamic in nature which can be made available to our partners via API, and other secured channels.

Data Innovation Hub

Your start-up partner - C-suite options - Advisory Board - various pricing models - Cost Effective Tech Support

Automated Data Insights

We use various automation tools to ensure we have a steady inflow of information while adhering to the business logic and requirements.

Customer Success

Here at SI, we operate with transparency and our team is available for all sorts of communication which is imperative for customer success and superior customer experience

SME Advisory Service

With our well-established knowledge and experience in this vertical of business, we have Subject Matter Experts to address your concerns and interests.

Data Insights We Love to Work with Passion!

Our commitment


Better Jobs and Upskilling Women

The majority of the workforce at SI are women. Our focus is to create equal opportunities for women by providing a work environment that improves their industry-relevant skills.


Jobs for the Differently Abled

Actively associated with NISH Kerala to employ smart and innovative individuals. Our team redefined its Knowledge transfer process to make sure it was suitable for all.


Social Commitment

“Earn, Learn and Return” concept is the foundation of our CSR initiative Associating with RCC for Blood Donation drives, contributions given to the families that were affected by floods in 2018-2019, and implementing a project for sustainable livelihood of marginalized women are a few of the CSR activities that SI has been a part of.


Sustaining Local Job Market

At SI ,we make sure that our job opportunities and job vacancies are made available to the local job market in our state with a focus on helping graduates who are actively looking out for a challenging job with a good learning curve.

Meet with our Team


President & CEO

KK Chandrashekaran Pillai



Chief Operating Officer

Arun Kumar

Chief Operating officer DMT


VP Data Aggregation

Anand S R

Chief Financial Manager

Prabha Sebastian

HR Manager