Real Estate Programming Services

by admin / Wednesday, 9 October 2013 / Published in Profiles

Real Estate Programming Services

We can offer senior software engineers with experience in real estate domain, including rets, mls data standardization, data hosting, public real estate portals, idx portals, vow portals, association, email and text communication tools, bpo’s, avm’s, etc. We know and code for: html 5, css, asp, .net, php, cf, sql, rails, lamp, crm, flash, silverlight, web 2.0, adroid, ios c/objc, oracle siebel, rdbms, oltp, olap, javascript, jquery, ajax, google web toolkit , Amazon aws, gnu/linux, hadoop, hive, hbase, mapreduce, cassandra, nosql, sys admin., data base administration, hibernate, JUnit, ant, bash shell scripting, jetty, apache, commons, google guava, cdn’s (edgecast, akamai, etc), java, xml, xsd, xslt, wsdl, soap, sdnet, python, wordpress, orm, git, hg, svn, full-stack/lamp, scrum, nagios, gpo and active cirectory, c#, c++, squeak, scm systems, and many, many other programming languages, etc. We are very competitively priced.

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