Omni Channel Process Services

About usDo you have a business function that demands 24*7 support /monitoring /action? What if you can realize it with commendable quality & predictability? Outsourcing business processes can help your organization realign and focus on the core competencies that wins /creates new business opportunities; triggering more jobs & innovation.

Software Incubator works with you close ly to:

  • Identify & choose the right processes to filter out
  • Enhance the current execution methods
  • Pilot a demo delivery mechanism
  • Continues improvisation of the proven model
  • Increase mechanisms to improve productivity, efficiency and quality

Process Line

Thinking about creating a new process flow for your customers? Re-engineering to a web based paradigm? Tried outsourcing and got bitten? Worried about people losing jobs? Management & Communication hassles, Intellectual Property & Confidentiality Rights, Cultural disparities-do they all ring the alarm bells deep within you? Our developers and project managers have many years of experience developing solutions while working across dispersed teams from across the world/US. We help you to plan the minutes while you focus on market innovation, growth strategy & creating new job opportunities.
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Business Process Outsourcing

A strategic partner for your non-strategic business functions at a lower cost /benefit value .With soaring staffing /infrastructure costs, businesses are more concerned about reducing expenses while retaining the same value to customers .Identifying the right partner & venting off the challenges of external sourcing is a significant show stopper when it comes to BPO decision making. When follow a methodology driven process flow model, to ensure stress free project management and delivery to all our partners.

  • Sales, Marketing, Service
  • Web, Mobile, Social, Email, TV
  • Contact center, Physical
  • Process transformation/outsourcing

Our savings have considerably increased owing to a high degree of efficiency in our core operations. Software Incubator has provided a graceful web based solution that helped us to drastically reduce bank rejections.
CEO of an REO business group having nationwide operations