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Software Incubator launches Real Estate Innovation Incubator with three projects and 6 disruptive market predictions

Manhasset Hills, NY – 15 January 2014

Software Incubator Inc. today unveiled the Real Estate Innovation Incubator initiative with three active SaaS projects: Grassroot, Seer and IDX/VOW. The product suite is aimed to deliver game changing next generation business models for Agent lead generation, conversion and consumer value creation. Based on big data insights as a service, creating a mashup of transactional, assessor, Social data coupled with a digital design based user experience, these solutions highlight Software Incubator’s conviction in their new top 6 real estate predictions for 2014.

With Software Incubator’s, strategic partners such as RE incubators, marketplace/ service providers, lenders and startups can invest in these game changing technologies as well as services for competitive advantage.

Project Grassroot optimizes social engagement by tapping into the collective intelligence of home search to share knowledge, gain contextual insights and help Agents build new relationships and generate more qualified leads.

Project Seer offers new insights to Agents about their social impact, competitive social index (vs other agents in the location), and other key influencers. Emerging hot topics and sentiments in the market from the agent & consumer perspective adds immediate value by closely following up with actionable insights that enable decision making process.

“Software Incubator gets the Big Data picture and we are fortunate to have them help us solve some of those challenges for us”, said Jason Sanchez Director of MLS and Technology, Greater El Paso Association of Realtors. “They are also a great software company. They know the real estate vertical very well. When we told them our needs they understood it from the start and had great ideas which we also implemented”.

The IDX/VOW solution brings MLS listings and neighborhood data to make informed decisions. Agents and brokers will have the ability to configure consumer views based on configurable parameters. Integrated with various contacts, the backend dashboard of IDX/VOW will give a consolidated view of visitor preferences, follow-ups, likes, comments & favorites.

“I am excited about the business opportunities the software incubator predictions bring to the real estate industry, said Brian Mushaney Senior Vice President Managing Director of X1 Analytics. “I have done business with software incubator for a decade and strongly believe that the innovation incubator initiatives supported by their big data analytics and engineering strengths can change the game”.

Software Incubator’s top 6 Real Estate predictions for 2014 are as follows:
1. Customer digital experience will evolve from mobile to serious gaming and gamification
2. Lender and RE vendor home value estimates will converge
3. Index and Calculators will give way to Cognitive Decision Support insights
4. Open standards based data business models will enhance current silos
5. Local ecosystem models will yield to Global/Local Marketplaces
6. Client centric models will be disrupted by the life cycle paradigm

“Our predictions are leading indicators to the impending RE market disruption and is based on a decade of experience in RE big data and software engineering”, said Mr Matt Kumar, CEO Software Incubator Inc. “ will help the RE ecosystem overcome traditional silos and barriers to innovation and monetization”.

Founded in 2000, Software Incubator Inc. is the trusted partner for Real Estate big data, insights as a service and idea incubation hub. HQ in New York with operations in India, our RE services include big data: assessor, transactional and MLS data standardization/management, business planning advisory and Information Technology. For more information, please visit us at

Contact: Matt Kumar
Software Incubator Inc.