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We are a healthy company. How do we manage attrition? What is our retention rate in the past five years?
Our attrition rate is close to 0% consistently for the past five years with hundreds of employees. People leave owing to relocation needs or changes in personal circumstances. Routine knowledge sharing sessions, team building weekends, competitive salary structure, personal & professional development programs ensure that we have a consistent talent pool available for any project. Our hiring managers pick people for diverse skillets and train them on internal projects before they are exposed to clients.

We do things quickly. Lead time to map people to projects and get things going.
Senior managers are always available to initiate contract finalization, finalize on requirements, suggest technology roadmaps, high level design, wireframe development and so on from day one. Our resource of over a one hundred fifty programmers and hundreds of employees ensures we can meet deadlines to bring profitability sooner. In the event, programmers assigned to you are gone on maternity leave or vacation, other staff will join in effort to ensure your project keeps moving forward.

What is our typical team size? We can assign 1 or 50 developers to a project.
Our typical size is 5 to 10 team members. You could hire one specialist developer or dozens should you require roll out in a much shorter time frame.

Do you bill customers for recruitment overheads, process adherence, knowledge sharing, technology training and other miscellaneous costs?
No. Unless there are very specific needs requested by the customer and we would need to employ external consultants to help you. In such a scenario, we tend to inform you upfront prior to engaging on the project.

As a business partner, how do you ensure confidentiality, intellectual property safeguard & security? What if there happens to be a breach?
As a niche player in the marketplace, this is by far amongst the most critical concern that one would have. Prior to initiating the project / discussions, we solicit partners to sign a non-disclosure agreement & an Intellectual property agreement to ensure that you are unconditionally covered on the basic rights. Our employees are also bound by employee regulations / agreements that are mandatory prior to joining us. Software Incubator Inc is incorporated in the state of New York. We work with some of the biggest names in real estate and have for many years.

How do you address 165 man hours per month in case of a personal eventuality?
Software Incubator has a process of engaging 1:1.5 developers for every initiative. This model covers any risk on deliverables / timelines while adding a minimal overhead to our cost structure.