Corporate Environment

Software incubator integrates a corporate vision towards being socially responsible to the community. The youngsters react and respond to causes having diverse backgrounds; while the business envisions the bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Totally different than a superficial window-dressing, being socially conscious empowers everyone to volunteer and to act. As Matt puts it, “So much is given to us and so we oblige to give more in return”.

Our commitment

Software Incubator Inc, promotes a holistic view on social and responsible business practices.
We are committed to:

  • Operate ethically with absolute care for people and environment
  • Respect and adhere to basic human rights and working conditions
  • Save power, resources ,water and oil for future generations
  • Continually implement business processes to support Green Computing
  • Support the underprivileged in possible ways & enhances their living conditions

Healthy Living

Software Incubator Inc, cares for the well being of every employee associated with the organization .The Health and Fitness team is responsible of periodic health check-ups and charting out fitness & diet regimens for needed team members. We encourage for all employees to be part of at-least three fitness program per week after office hours. The annual sport events motivate the team to perform higher, faster and stronger.